Why Siargao?

The Philippines with its 7,100 islands, affordability, English-speaking Western culture, friendly and hospitable people has been a popular Southeast Asian destination for several years. Lately there is what is called the “Big 3” in Philippine islands: Boracay, Coron and Siargao.

Boracay started gaining popularity in the 1990s and grew to be a huge tourist destination . Several investors have come into the island and have made significant returns on their investment through years. In 2019 tourism revenue from Boracay tourists reached P62.3 Billion with tourist arrivals reaching 2 Million including 1 Million foreigners.

Siargao is one of the fastest growing destinations in the Philippines today and having selected by Conde Naste in 2019 as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Formerly a secret destination shared among surfing nomads and adventurers, there were very few resorts and lodgings and facilities to stay at for visitors. It was in 2017, when the Sayak Airport in Siargao opened, that tourism took off with direct flights coming from Manila, Clark, Cebu and Davao.

How do we partner with you to protect your investment?

Your decision to build your dream in an exotic destination can turn into a nightmare without a proper partner. As a new destination, there was a scarcity of reputable construction companies in the island. Most of the labor force were island farmers and fishermen who had minimal experience on building. Attracted by the lure of big money, they would overpromise and underdeliver, or take much longer than promised, or in the worst case, abandon the project all together.

Despite being an island in the Philippines, construction costs are high because of lack of materials. All raw materials are imported from nearby provinces or from Manila, Cebu or Davao. Logistics is a problem because of limited ferry trips and a rainy season affects supplies.

Back of the house

It is easy to build a resort that looks beautiful in Instagram, but the value as an investor is in ensuring that your property continues to run efficiently. Your investment property must satisfy two essential needs simultaneously: providing guests with a comfortable, safe environment in which they can enjoy their stay, and allowing your staff to keep the property operating efficiently so it will achieve your expected return on investment. The back of the house is as big as investment as furnishings and finishing.

Most home builders look at the build of the liveable spaces but often do not take into account the investment on water systems, waste management, storage, energy utilization, pest control and others. These are things you do not see until something happens, and by that time your contractor would have moved on to other projects.

Take a look at the following pictures as an example of the work that we do:

We do not just BUILD

We also design, we work on your permits, we advise you on how you can get the most out of your investment.
We work on a timetable with deliverables so that you can project your cash flow.
We have in house architects, structural and mechanical engineers, electrical engineer consultants, master plumbers, swimming pool professionals, windows and glass installers, and we partner with reputable service providers for other construction needs.

Are you ready to BUILD?

Beach front properties are mostly sandy loam, inland properties are limestone and clay, upland properties are limestone and sand.  The island does not have a sewer system or a sophisticated water district. Most property developers will therefore need to drill for water (which is still abundant) and provide for their own septic tanks.
Siargao island has experienced a boom in housing and developments that the capacity of the electric company (SIARELCO) is limited and there may not be enough power load allocations for your development.
Most of the properties in the island were owned by generational families who have since subdivided their land into smaller plots and distributed the same to siblings and relatives, with access and right-of-way added to the properties. As such, property cuts are quite odd shaped and irregular. Many properties are still under Tax Declaration without and Titles which may also be a risk to consider prior to development.