How do we partner with you to protect your investment?

Your decision to build your dream in an exotic destination can turn into a nightmare without a proper partner. As a new destination, there was a scarcity of reputable construction companies in the island. Most of the labor force were island farmers and fishermen who had minimal experience on building. Attracted by the lure of big money, they would overpromise and underdeliver, or take much longer than promised, or in the worst case, abandon the project all together.

Despite being an island in the Philippines, construction costs are high because of lack of materials. All raw materials are imported from nearby provinces or from Manila, Cebu or Davao. Logistics is a problem because of limited ferry trips and a rainy season affects supplies.
The experience of shutdown of Boracay in 2018 made Siargao more vigilant in building restrictions. The majority of residents and investors in Siargao are environmentally responsible and a growing eco-community of residents, conscious of waste management, plastic use, responsible tourism and community involvement has made a difference in the island.  There are many contractors however who did not follow the building code on setbacks and restrictions, this affected their client’s investment because of the non-issuance of occupancy permits.

JLG Prime Builders embraces the role as a development partner in an eco-friendly island and takes careful steps to ensure all restrictions and code requirements are followed.  We propose ways for clients to use water properly, manage waste and use materials that will be both aesthetic, functional, economical and environmental.
Half of our work force is local and we take pains in training them with the best practices from our past projects in MetroManila and Boracay.  It is our hope that these workers will improve their skills and become independent contractors in the future with the proper work habits and standards that our company embraces.

These are the principles that we will bring to the table when we partner with you to get the most out of your investment.