We do not just BUILD

We also design, we work on your permits, we advise you on how you can get the most out of your investment.
We work on a timetable with deliverables so that you can project your cash flow.

We have in house architects, structural and mechanical engineers, electrical engineer consultants, master plumbers, swimming pool professionals, windows and glass installers, and we partner with reputable service providers for other construction needs.

If you engage our services at the beginning of the project, there is a considerable savings on your part because the 7-10% Architect’s Fee that you would normally pay a third party to design your house will be WAIVED BY THE COMPANY and included in the Construction cost. This includes technical drawings, structural engineering services, and reproduction of plans.

Our affiliate company provides services for:
(1) proper building plans, licenses, permits and government concerns
(2) asset management that will help you get the best yield from their investment vs unnecessary spending
(3) scoping and project studies for their investment properties – fixing of land titles, surveying, conversion, best use models
(4) water management – sourcing, utilization, reusable, storage
(5) maintenance of assets (pool, electricals, roof, repairs)
(6) logistics and materials management. Being an island, all materials are imported into Siargao. Shipping costs may take a considerable amount of your budget if not planned properly